About F1 Analytics

F1 Analytics was created to bring the power of professional analytics to small and medium sized businesses by developing analytic tools in Excel. Our vision is to bring you tools that are easy to use and get the job done so you can keep making your customers happy. Our solutions apply to critical business processes and data analysis tasks.

Have a specific analytic task you need help with, or a custom Excel solution? Contact us and let our experts work with you to develop a solution.

Meet the Team

Robert Fornango

Founder & CEO

Rob is an independent researcher, statistician, business executive, teacher and programmer. He has spent over 25 years designing and executing data-driven analyses, evaluating programs and policies, and developing analytic tools to improve efficiency. His work has spanned industries across a wide range of disciplines such as criminology and criminal justice, healthcare quality improvement, marketing research, and software development. F1 Analytics is a passion project that brings together Rob’s love of data analysis, application development, and business into a community to help others succeed.

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