Version & Updates

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Overview #

On the Admin worksheet, the Version & Updates are accessed by clicking the corresponding cell in the vertical menu on the left. This section of the Invoice Tool provides the following information:

  • Current Version: The version of the application installed and in use.
  • Update Available: Will indicate if an update is available, or in the case of the Free Version will notify users that updating is not available.
  • Last Update Date: The date of the last version update completed. Will be blank if no updates have occurred.
  • Updated App. Version: If updates are available, the latest version of the application available.
  • Update to New Version Button: If an update is available, a button will appear to allow users to perform one-click updates.

Users do not need to fill in any cells in this section. This is for informational purposes, and is used to perform one-click updates.

One-Click Updates #

Users will be notified of updates on a periodic basis by the application. When an update is available, users will be given the choice of whether to download the update file. If the update file is downloaded, users will then be given the choice of whether to install the update. If users choose not to download the update, or not to install immediately, they may go to Admin -> Version & Updates and click on the Update to New Version button to continue to process at any time.

What Happens When An Update Occurs? #

When the user chooses to update the application to a new version, the following process is used:

  1. The updated application .exe is downloaded if the user has not already obtained the download.
  2. The old application file renames itself to “OldVersion_dd_mm_yyyy_hh_mm.xlsm”
  3. The old application file copies all data into the new application file.
  4. The new application file is saved with the same name as the old application file.

From the User perspective, the update will only take a few moments and you will be able to continue using the updated application immediately. The old application file will be saved in the same folder as the updated application, and can be referenced if needed.

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