Overview #

On the Admin worksheet, the User Settings are accessed by clicking the corresponding cell in the vertical menu on the left. This section of the Invoice Tool includes the following pieces of information:

  • Application Folder path: This is the path to a folder where the application will create the Company Items subfolder.
  • PDF FilePath: This is the path to a folder where the application will save PDFs of invoices generated by the user.
  • Tax Rate: The tax rate (as a percentage) used to calculate tax on the Order Form.

The Application Folder is specified during the initial installation of the application. The PDF FilePath is defined by specifying a PDF Invoices subfolder inside the Application Folder. The PDF FilePath is also created during the initial installation. The Tax Rate is defined as 0.0% initially. Users should update this for their local state, county, and municipal taxes before creating new invoices.1

Changing the Application Folder Path #

Users can change the Application Folder path or PDF FilePath if desired. To change the Application Folder path, copy and paste the path of the folder you wish to designate as the Application Folder into the cell. Be sure to copy the Company Items subfolder and any logo images in use for invoices into the new Application Folder.

Similarly, a new folder for saving PDF Invoices can be specified by copying and pasting a path into the PDF FilePath cell. We recommend this folder be defined as a PDF Invoice subfolder within the Application Folder (see the example created during installation).

Notes #

1F1 Analytics does not offer accounting, legal, tax, or financial advice. Users should consult with appropriate accounting, legal, tax, or financial experts in their area for the necessary information for compliance with applicable regulations.

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