Save/Update Invoice

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An new invoice can be saved, or an existing invoice can be saved after updating by clicking on the Save/Update Invoice button on the F1 Analytics tab of the ribbon.

When a new invoice is saved, it is given a default paid status based on the Invoice Type selected:

Invoice TypeDefault Paid Status
Invoice (including interim, final, and overdue)Outstanding

The paid status of an invoice can be changed from Outstanding to Paid by clicking on the Invoice Paid button. See Invoice Paid for more information.

Updating an Existing Invoice #

To update an existing invoice, locate the invoice number in the Invoice List worksheet. Then enter the invoice number in the Order Form worksheet, in the cell to the right of “Invoice #”.


You do not need to click on the Add New Invoice button before entering the invoice number to load a previous invoice. You can click on the Cancel New Order button to make sure that you are not working on a new order in the tool.
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