Revenue by Client Report

The Performance Reporting Dashboard (PRD) includes a tabular report of Revenue by Client. The report shows each client and the cumulative totals of their Paid, Outstanding, Draft/Estimate, and Cancelled invoices during the Date Range of the report. Totals are provided for the sum of invoices in each Paid Status category, and a Grand Total is provided that sums all invoice total together.

The columns of the report adjust dynamically depending on the Paid Status of invoices within the Date Range of the report. Clients are sorted in descending order of Paid invoices.

The date range of the Revenue by Client report is controlled by the Date Range controller, and the associated From and To dates.

The Chart Periods and Paid Status controllers do not have any impact on this report.

Selecting [Custom] for the date range allows the user to specify a start to the reporting period in the From date, and an end to the reporting period in the To date. Click on the cell containing the From or To date, and use the calendar widget to select the desired date.

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