Purchasing a License

Users who are testing the free version of the Invoice Tool are limited to 10 clients, 10 products, 10 invoices, and 10 expenses. Additionally, the free version of the Invoice Tool is not eligible for any software updates. Users wishing to purchase a license after using the free version, and those who would like to upgrade their existing license (e.g., change from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription) may do so by clicking on the Purchase License button on the F1 Analytics tab on the ribbon.

The Invoice Tool will launch a browser and take the user to the F1 Analytics website pricing table where the user can select and purchase the desired license.


An active internet connection is required for the Purchase License function to work. Users may also purchase a license by Clicking Here.

After purchasing a license, users can use the Upgrade License feature to enter the new license key and upgrade their existing license.

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