Product List Fields

The Product List worksheet contains the following fields as detailed information about each product or service available in the system.

Product List FieldsDescription
Product_IdThe unique Product Id assigned when a product is added to the system.
Product_NameA short name used to uniquely identify a product or service in the system. Used on the Order Form worksheet to select products or services for an invoice.
Product_DescriptionA longer description of a product or service. Automatically added to the Order Form worksheet when a product or service is added to an invoice.
Default_QuantityThe default quantity to include on an invoice when the product is added. Will appear in the Quantity column on the Order Form worksheet and can be changed for each invoice after adding the product or service.
Product_PriceThe per unit price for product or service. If the Default_Quantity is greater than one (1) unit, the Product_Price will be multiplied by the default quantity to create the Item_Total on the Order Form worksheet.
Product_CostThe per unit cost of the product or service.
Vendor_NameThe name of the vendor providing the product (if applicable), from the Vendor List worksheet.
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