Invoice Items Fields

The Invoice Items List worksheet contains the following fields as detailed information of each invoice.

Invoice Items FieldDescription
Order_IDThe Invoice Number representing an order in the system. This number is assigned by the Invoice Tool sequentially as orders are added to the system, and is the invoice number that should be entered in the Order Form worksheet to load an existing invoice.
Product_IDThe unique Product Id assigned when a product is added to the system from the Product List worksheet.
Product_NameThe Product Name from the Order Form worksheet.
Product_DescriptionThe Description from the Order Form worksheet.
Product_PriceThe per unit Price from the Order Form worksheet.
Product_QuantityThe Quantity of a specific product from the Order Form worksheet.
Item_TotalThe line item subtotal of Quantity times Price from the Order Form worksheet, before any Item Discounts are applied.
Item_DiscountThe line Item Discount from the Order Form, and subtracted from the Subtotal to calculate the Grand Total.
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