Expenses Fields

The Expenses worksheet contains the following fields as summary information of each expense

Expenses FieldsDescription
Expense_IDThe unique Expense Id assigned when an expense is recorded in the system.
Expense_DateThe date the expense was incurred (may be prior to payment).
Due_DateThe due date for payment of the expense.
Vendor_NameThe name of the vendor for the expense from the Vendor List worksheet.
Vendor_IDThe Vendor Id assigned when a vendor is added to the system on the Vendor List worksheet.
Expense_CategoryThe category of expense for reporting purposes (e.g., advertising, insurance, supplies, depreciation,etc.). Categories align with IRS Form 1040 Schedule C (Profit or Loss From Business) worksheet.
Expense_DescriptionA brief description of the expense to provide detail beyond the Expense_Category.
Expense_TotalThe amount of the expense.
PaidThe Paid status of the expense (i.e., draft/estimate, outstanding, paid).
NotesAny notes captured regarding the expense.
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